Home Rehabilitation

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Flat Bench

Heavy duty flat bench to support exercise to strengthen shoulder, chest and arm muscles.

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Adjustable Incline Bench

Heavy duty weight bench that offers adjustable flat, incline and decline functionality

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Elliptical Cross Trainer/Bike

2-in-1  Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike is ideal for working out in small spaces, 

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Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical cross trainer that has stable construction and allows effective training movement in small spaces.

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Elliptical Cross Trainer (Larger)

This Elliptical cross trainer is the ideal whole-body training device that offers a realistic and joint-friendly elliptical running movement.

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Ergometer Bike

The ergometer bike with its x-shaped frame and innovative operation is ideal for operating in small spaces.

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Spin Bike

The Spin Bike allows you to train your endurance at home in any weather.  Indoor cycling is ideal for warming up and as stand-alone training.

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Gravity Trainer

The gravity trainer will effectively relieve symptoms associated with back, spine or neck problems.

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Gravity Pro Trainer

The Gravity Pro Trainer has a sturdy steel frame construction for a maximum user weight of 160kg.  Adjustable safety belt and foldable for space saving.

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Kettle Bells

Vinyl Kettle Bell Set offers varied weights from 2kg to 20kg so you can completely adapt your workout to your rehab and exercise needs.

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Dumbell Set

Using a range of different dumbbells is the perfect way to increase the difficulty level of workouts for your functional fitness.

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Barbell Set

Aerobics barbell with vinyl or rubber tri-grip weight plates, 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg up to 20kg.

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Resistance Bands

Versatile, portable, a range of resistances to suit all levels of strength and fitness, simple to use, easy to pack and store, great for injury recovery.

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