About Cromwell Tech

Cromwell Tech specializes in the supply and install of technology home solutions for people who are

(i)  ageing in place,

(ii) undergoing rehabilitation,

(iii) have accessibility needs. 

Cromwell Tech occupies a unique niche that delivers accessibility outcomes based on an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between people with mobility needs and the built environment.

For far too long, the accommodation solution for ageing has been institutional.  Our mission is to make accommodation and rehabilitation care an individual solution.   Our technology solutions will change a conventional house to an environment that fosters better support, wellness, accessibility and care based communication; enabling mobility and safety for daily tasks around the home.

Our technology solutions also cater for the requirements of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) under the NDIS.  Our technology solutions will ensure principles of independence, equity and dignity are achieved.

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